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Day Trips | Culture Tour

A tour through a Chagga village will take you through a coffee plantation and banana beer making, both of which are made entirely by hand. You may also visit a blacksmith to see how tools are built using traditional methods and take a look at Chagga houses. A walk through the village must not go without stepping inside a cave, which were made during the time of tribal wars with the Maasai and used by the Chagga people and their livestock for hiding.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Forest

A Hike to Mandala Hut, the the first hut along Mt. Kilimanjaro’s Marangu Route (“Coca-Cola Route”). It’s just an hour drive from Moshi Town to Kilimanjaro National Park’s Marangu Gate

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Coffee, Banana Farms

Marangu village has much to discover in terms of cultural tourism. This tour will give you time to discover the Ndoro water falls . . . one the biggest water falls in the region.

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Marangu village is famous in the town of Moshi, as it is where one of the oldest routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is found. Marangu village has much to discover in terms of

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Kikuletwa  Hot  Springs

Kikuletwa hot spring is among the best natural w ater springs found in the Kilimanjaro region. Be ready to spend the day swimming and playing in the beautiful, natural

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