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Do I need a visa to enter Tanzania?

Visitors from most countries require a visa in order to enter Tanzania. Most can purchase a visa at the point of entry. You need a passport valid at least half a year, one clear page in your passport, and (again, in most cases) USD 50 in cash. You do not need a photograph – your picture will be taken with a digital camera at the visa desk.  It is usually a very quick and simple procedure, though queues can get quite long if your flight was very busy and/or there are several arrivals at the same time. Notable exceptions include but are not limited to: American and Irish citizens – need to pay USD 100, and must purchase a multiple entry visa (since September 2007) Pakistani citizens – need to pay USD 200 Nationalities requiring a referred visa – from Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Senegal, Mali, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Saud Arabia, Jordan, Srilanka, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Niger, Liberia. Citizens from these countries need to apply in advance through their Tanzanian embassy abroad Remember that if you intend to fly to Nairobi and then travel on to Tanzania, you will require a transit visa at USD 20 per person, or if re-entering Kenya afterwards, maybe a multiple entry visa to enter Kenya, even if it is only for a few hours. The visa for Kenya and Tanzania is also USD 50 per person for each country (except for American and Irish citizens, as above).

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